Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can I count the ways?

I find myself sometimes getting really bogged down in the daily humdrum of chores, shopping, cleaning, etc., to the point that I lose sight of why I do it all in the first place. My mom still does it time to time, even after having been married for over a decade (I am reasonably sure that every single one of us does this from time to time). Sometimes all I need to do is recollect and reflect on all the reasons that I love that certain someone...

So in a sickly sweet to display of affection that may very well bring you to the point of regurgitation, here is my list: (Please avert your eyes if you are easily made queasy!)

  1. Your hands, and the callouses on your fingers and thumbs from playing the guitar, working out and riding a bike (I feel they are very demonstrative of you overall).
  2. The way you dance...because I feel a little less silly of the way I dance when I'm dancing with you.
  3. Your bellybutton.
  4. How you really honestly care about my sisters and my best friends and you never ever are jealous of my relationship with them.
  5. How you can put up with my serious case of the crazies and still let me snuggle when we go to bed, even if you are still a little angry.
  6. Your sincere attempt at a moustache.
  7. The way you smell.
  8. Your family.
  9. How you are way more technologically savvy than I am.
  10. Your deviated septum, which I see every time I hug you because I am just that much shorter than you.
  11. That you challenge me--on my beliefs, my ideas, my taste in music.
  12. Your insatiable love of garlic...(and spinach, and enchiladas).
  13. That you make me feel comfortable and safe.
  14. That you are stubborn as shit sometimes, just for the sake of being stubborn.
  15. That you finally accept that sometimes (okay, most of the time) I really just like watching bad TV, and you leave the room and let me get my fix without a battle.
  16. The million and one back scratches and foot rubs that you provide.
  17. Your ears that still have the holes in them from when you had plugs back in high school.
  18. That my chest still gets tight and my palms a little sweaty when I think about you.
  19. A million other little things that make you--from your eyebrows to your elbows, all of your absurdities, your kindness, your silliness, your heart, your toes, your hugs.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I just barfed in my mouth a little bit.

And I vote no on the Ryden Tattoo - it won't come off as well as you want it to. Get a daisy on your ankle or something.

Love you sista - A