Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend Outlook

I am procrastinating.

Actually, I'm not. I really have no work to do today, I have checked my messages, answered emails, shuffled paperwork, gone on a coffee run--all of which took a whopping 20 minutes. So now I am sitting here half-listening in on a conversation my coworkers are having (one just mentioned the word "mulatto", apparently we are back in 1950 when that was appropriate), reading the Times, and scanning my daily blog-roll.

All this political posturing, economic upheaval and general uncertainty about the universe in general has me thinking. I sometimes wish the economy would just fail, fail, fail--at least that would wake people up and make people say something must happen (I am trying to avoid using the term "change" because it has been so obnoxiously commandeered by both political parties. We are so complacent that already, in the midst of a financial crisis the likes of which most of us have never seen, we are expecting a government that has already managed to screw things up royally to be able to fix the mess that they created by using the same means that created the mess in the first place. Ugh! I am bored of hearing the "who knows better how a fire works than an arsonist." Don't we realize we are calling our government a bunch of arsonists? Shouldn't that clue us in that something is really, really wrong here?

Enough of that tirade. Apparently there is a group of kids in Queens that are building huge stereo bikes and partying wherever they ride. It makes me wonder where my youthful creative self disappeared to? People in Queens are trying to ban them...I understand how it could be a disturbance, but can't we simply embrace their creativity and dance with them?

Despite the crummy weather, this weekend's outlook is good. My wonderful anthro-geek friend, Belly, is coming up from Atlanta to take on Manhattan with me. I am really looking forward to drinking cheap red wine and talking about all the things we have missed in each other's lives since I left Atlanta. Also, next week is Rosh Hashanah, Jewish new year, so I get Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday off because I work for a Jewish organization so Belly and I are going to go up to Boston to visit Em. It will be the trifecta of hot anthropology girls!

By they way, I'm thinking about adding a new tattoo...I am really in love Mark Ryden, so maybe I'll get one of his pieces. Any votes on a specific piece?

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