Saturday, August 16, 2008

An explanation of sorts

I have been remiss but to demonstrate my excuse for not posting as of late, let me give you this scenario:
It is Thursday morning. I find myself more tired than usual--probably a symptom of being overly emotional due to boyfriend problems, family deaths, and a new job. By the time I get out of the shower I see it is already 7:30. I make toast, burn it of course. I gulp two extra-large cups of coffee. I throw on an outfit I settled on while showering and decide I hate it. It's 7:45. I rummage through my closet, haphazardly throwing shirts, skirts, pants about the office. I go back to the first outfit I decided on while showering. It's 8:05. I let the last of the coffee pour down my gullet. I reach into my closet, grab my pair of brown flats from my shoe shelf, slap them on my feet and run out the the door, to the train station, to the train. The doors close. It's 8:35. I look down. Fuck. I'm wearing two different shoes. One brown. One black.
Saying I have been absentminded would be an understatement. I have been on another planet, completely ignorant to life on planet Earth. Tomorrow I will finally write the post I had been planning on writing last week. Or maybe I will do it tonight. For now, I am going to make some corn on the cob and go sit on my roof with a beer. I don't care if it is only three o'clock. It is Saturday.

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