Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly realizations

Things I've learned this week:
  1. I must, must carry my water bottle with me at all times when it is 90+ degrees and 80% humidity.
  2. Two cupcakes does not equal a meal. A can of beets also does not equal a meal, no matter how delicious they are.
  3. Men will hit on me no matter how greasy and non-feminine I look, I must just accept it; getting angry just will never change the situation. (Although, I was particularly fond of this situation: "Hey baby, why don't you come home with me?" "Um. No." and kept walking... "Fine bitch! You look like a man anyway!" To which I turn around and reply: "Oh, so you're gay! In that case, bring it on asshole."
  4. I love insulting and calling into question men's sexuality. It never fails.
  5. I will never, ever find a job in this city, even after four interviews in a week. I need to be happy cleaning apartments for the meanwhile. Ugh.
  6. Never, ever take ads I find on Craigslist at face value. Bring boyfriend with me to all interviews, especially if I feel the slightest bit apprehensive.
  7. I sweat more than any other individual on the face of this planet.
  8. That's gross.
  9. I should not dumpster-dive after five hours of 50 cent PBRs. Vintage blue vinyl suitcases and leather jackets are only good finds if I am sober enough to actually carry them home.
  10. My mom also made a realization this week...I think I'll leave that out of the blogosphere, though. But I am really, really proud of her and I hope she sticks with it more than anything else in the whole wide world.


mamajan said...

Love the blog- I'm glad to be a happy part of it- mama

sara said...

in case i haven't told you lately, you amaze and impress me everyday. you are wise beyond your years, talented beyond belief, and truly a pleasure to even have the honor of being able to say "hey, i'm related to that chick." keep writing- you may have found your NYC career! love you tons and tons!